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Tree trimming Tree trimming

Keep your larger plantings healthy and attractive

Ornamental trees and shrubs are great for privacy, property line definition and even decoration. In order to keep them looking healthy and neat, seasonal pruning is necessary. Hallman Landscaping can come out and trim your ornamental trees and shrubs for you.


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Appointments for trimming services

Whether you have dozens of shrubs or just a handful, Hallman Landscaping is here to help you with your trimming. They will come out to your home or property and take a look at what needs to be done. You'll get an accurate estimate for your trimming.

Hallman Landscaping works on all kinds of shrubs

•  Evergreen

•  Ornamental shrubs

•  Hedges

•  Large flowering shrubs

Why Hallman's Landscaping?


We are task oriented - it is more about getting a job done than making a ton of money. We are cost-conscious as well.

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